Sonoma County Golf and Wine: Sipping & Swinging

I love fall in the wine country. Imagine yourself in the midst of a vineyard at harvest time – ripe, juicy grapes are plucked from the vines, and the fall crush begins. It’s an incredibly busy time for wine‐makers, especially with the many wine festivals and events that mark the season. Autumn is an ideal … Read more

Games Women Play: Bingo, Bango, Bongo

games woman play

Thank you to all the AWGA Representatives who took the time to answer me with all the different games. I found out that there are quite a few names for some games. I hope you’ll try a few of these in your groups: Hate ‘em BEFORE teeing off, pick 2 holes you hate. Subtract the … Read more

How Does Handicap Work in Golf – Bridging the Gap Between Amateur and Pro

Golf is a game of precision, patience, and strategy. But what happens when players of varying skill levels compete against each other? That’s where the concept of a golf handicap comes into play.  The handicap system in golf is a brilliant way to level the playing field, allowing players of different abilities to compete fairly … Read more