Arizona Women's Golf Association

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The AWGA is a 501(c)(3) public charity


Thank You For Your Support!
Thank you to the following generous supporters of the Arizona Women's Golf Association. Your support makes it possible for the AWGA to continue to expand our programs and services for women and girls in Arizona.
   Creating opportunities for women of all ages to experience the joys of golf
Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundat Vera Ciancola Barbara Fitzgerald  
   Nurturing the development of female golfers
Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Marilyn Reynolds and Lyman Gallup 
Sally Larson    
   Encouraging camaraderie among women
Pat Heidemann    
   Inspiring volunteerism
Star Milloy Carol Sanders Anonymous Carolyn Weeks 
Christina Nelson Anonymous Debbie Vincent Deborah Z. Poropat 
In honor of Carol Ann Kearns In honor of Lila Ritchie Anonymous Marcia Grenier 
Paula Page Sheila Dagucon Sherry Caldwell in honor of Julie Downing Val Osadchuk 
Alison Hurley Barbara T Simmons Anonymous Ellen D. O'Hara 
Rebecca Rodie Sharol A Shepherd Suzy OHara  
   Promoting & sustaining recreational & competitive tournaments
Anonymous Cece M. West Donna Cunning Holly Gallinger 
Kathy Henderson Anonymous Leslie Smith Mary Byrd 
Nancy Townsend Robin D Lane Sharon Mentzer Anonymous 
Carol A Jones Anonymous   
   Empowering women
Judy Whitehouse Barbara Mccormick Gay Dicus In honor of David Schlang 
Joan M Rietz Marilyn Witt Nancy Townsend Anonymous 
   Engaging the community
Anonymous Carolynn S Arend Anonymous Anonymous 
Anonymous Sandy Jerstad Anonymous Judy Whitehouse 
Linda Shostak Anonymous