Arizona Women's Golf Association

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The AWGA is a 501(c)(3) public charity


Information and Outreach

The Information and Outreach Program is our largest program in scope, covering everything from newsletter production and the emails we send our membership, to the broader goal of promoting golf on the local, regional, statewide and national levels.

Membership fees are used to cover many of the expenses of this program, but donations still play a large role in its success. There are four major areas where donations are utilized:

AWGA Rep Program
AWGA Representatives are liaisons between their club's members and the AWGA, helping answer questions in both directions. Over 300 clubs around Arizona have AWGA Reps who meet with the AWGA annually, and who are kept constantly updated about tournaments, seminars, and other benefits of being an AWGA member. A great amount of effort is put into the materials given to the Reps, be it training manuals, flyers, or informational ''Repblasts''. A donation in this area goes toward defraying expenses for these items.

Public Relations
Staff and volunteers on the Public Relations Committee work diligently to identify events and opportunities around the state where an AWGA presence may be effective in promoting women's golf. They build relationships with newspapers, magazines, and radio stations, and develop materials to inform event attendees about the mission and benefits of belonging to the AWGA, and about the benefits of golf in general. A donation to PR helps cover travel and printing expenses for events like GolfFest, The Women's Expo, LPGA events, Ladies Night at Golfsmith and many more!

Even though many of our communications are done electronically, we still have many publications that are printed and mailed, such as five annual Newsletters, the AWGA Club Directory and Tournament Calendar, brochures, informational posters and training manuals. Your donation helps us reduce printing and mailing costs.

Club Assistance
Like our AWGA Rep Program, our Speaker's Bureau program is aimed at helping member clubs. Volunteers in our Speaker's Bureau have been specially trained in public speaking, and represent the AWGA at club meetings where they are often asked to give presentations or answer questions and concerns. Your generous donation would help with training and travel expenses for these volunteers.