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Volunteering as a Rules Official

The Rules Committee members volunteer to serve as Rules Officials at AWGA tournaments, present Rules of Golf workshops, and serve as Rules Officials at other outside tournaments on behalf of the Association.

A volunteer becomes a candidate for the Rules committee either by scoring 80% or above on the AWGA Rules Test, or 70% or above on the USGA/PGA Rules Workshop Test.

Committee Levels:

  • Candidate Receives on-course training with current Rules officials at competitions. Promotion will come from documentation signed by 2 current committee members (levels 4 to 6). Documentation will include rules situations encountered and feedback given to trainees.

  • Level 1 Handles rules situations on a hole for which they have demonstrated competency. Must call in all situations that they are not cleared to handle.

  • Level 2 Handles all rules situation on the particular hole that has been assigned.

  • Level 3 Rove 3 to 4 holes and help with AM course check.

  • Level 4 Rove 9 holes and in charge of AM course check on assigned nine.

  • Level 5 Rove 9 holes and assist with Pre-Tournament set up. Attend local site visit (when possible). Capable of timing individuals in group.

  • Level 6 ROIC (Rules Official In Charge). Conduct Site Visit using Pre-Tournament Site Visit guidelines. Capable of timing individuals in group

    If you

    • Have a genuine interest in the Rules of Golf
    • Would like to further your own education in the Rules
    • Are willing to take direction from AWGA staff and other Rules Committee members
    • Are able to travel out of town for events if necessary
    • And are able to work outside for long periods of time

    The Rules Committee may be right for you!

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