Arizona Women's Golf Association

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The AWGA is a 501(c)(3) public charity


Volunteer Development

The AWGA's programs depend on the over 200 volunteers every year who give their time and energy to support them. Our volunteers:
  • Mentor new golfers

  • Officiate at tournaments

  • Educate club members about Handicaps and Rules

  • Apply the USGA Course Rating and Handicap systems

  • Staff expo booths

  • And govern the AWGA by sitting on our Board of Directors.

They are critical to the AWGA's operations and success!

Support for our volunteer program also ends up helping the game of golf on a grander scale. That's because our Volunteer Development program not only recruits passionate volunteers to deliver highly effective programs for AWGA members, but we also train our volunteers with the hope that they will go on to officiate at other state and regional competitions, as well as at the high school, collegiate and national championship levels. They become ambassadors for the game within their communities.

Because of the technical nature of much of what we do, volunteers often need technical training which is provided by the staff and senior level Committee Chairs of the AWGA, as well as by the USGA, in the areas of
  • The Rules of Golf
  • The USGA Handicap System
  • The USGA Course Rating System
  • And Tournament Administration
For example, Rules Officials go through annual training seminars and some are sent to USGA ''Rules School'' to help make them become the most proficient Rules officials they can be. And Course Raters from all over Arizona are brought together for training seminars every year to hone their skills, and a few are sent to out-of-state USGA Course Rating Calibration Seminars to make sure our course raters are the best in the nation.

Your support of their training helps us provide them with the knowledge and opportunities they need to help grow and enhance the game nationwide.